Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Uses for Miniature Light Bulbs

miniature light bulbsMiniature light bulbs likely play as much a part in the average person’s everyday life as the more noticeable standard light bulbs that can be found in every room in a home or office.

However, miniature bulbs are much less noticed because they tend to last longer than the bulbs in your ceiling fan.  Unlike the bulbs in your ceiling fan, the need for replacement of faulty or expired miniature bulbs can often be a much higher priority, though the need is rarely noticeable until a replacement is needed.  There can be various applications for miniature bulbs, but some of the most common and important include the following.

From helping you find relatively unimportant items hidden in your car to safely navigating an emergency situation, flashlights are a wonderful invention.  When a flashlight stops working, most peoples’ knee-jerk reaction is to assume that the battery is dead, and while this is the case most of the time, it’s not always.  Many flashlights come with replacement flashlights bulbs to help guard against this type of situation, but not all do.  If you keep an emergency kit ready, it’s a good idea to make replacement flashlight bulbs a part of it right along with extra batteries. 

Whether it’s an ATV, motorcycle, or automobile, headlights are a necessity when operating in the dark.  Obviously, functional headlights on a motorcycle or automobile are necessary to operate under the laws of every state, but you may be surprised to learn that you can buy replacement headlight bulbs for these lights at premium prices from places other than auto parts stores.  This is particularly true if you buy automotive light bulbs in bulk. 

Interior Automotive Lights
While not a necessity by law, the lack of interior lights can be extremely frustrating if you lose something in your vehicle, or if you need to locate something in the glovebox or middle console.  Having a decent stockpile of appropriate small light bulbs can be a real blessing when it’s after dark and the auto parts store is closed. 

Aviation Lights
Unlike automobiles, flying craft require exterior lights apart from headlights to be considered legal for operation by the FAA.  The types of lights we’re talking about here include navigation lights, landing lights, flashing beacons, and wingtip strobes.  Airports, landing strips, and entities owning structures that protrude high enough to be considered aircraft collision liabilities also need lights to assist pilots in guiding their craft safely through the air.  Obviously, it makes sense to have appropriate replacement bulbs on hand in the aviation world.

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