Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Easy Tips for Christmas Decoration Lighting

Tips on Lighting the Christmas Tree

One of the hardest parts for many decorating do-it-yourselfers are the Christmas tree bulbs. How many times have you attempted to light your tree and the end result was not what you anticipated or hoped for? Maybe there was a big void of light in the center of the tree, or maybe half of the lights didn’t even shine. Whatever the case, these tips are designed to help make your decorating much easier and successful.

  • Your first step is to ensure that all of your Christmas light bulbs are working. That means that you need to plug them in before you even begin the decorating process. If you find that a light or two is not burning, be sure that you have a selection of replacement Christmas light bulbs on hand.
  • Divide the tree into three sections. Don’t try to tackle the entire tree at once. Instead mentally divide the tree into sections from the top to the bottom. Then begin stringing the lights by each section.
  • Start hanging your Christmas bulbs from the bottom of the first section. This makes your life much easier. Weave each string of lights in and out of the branches until you reach the top.

Tips on Outdoor and Indoor Lighting

Starting out with your outdoor and indoor lighting is similar to your tree. You want to begin by plugging in your lights to see how many Christmas light replacement bulbs are needed. After that step is complete, then you can move onto the actual design.

  • Choose your plan. After you know what lights are working, choose your design plan. Do you want to use shimmering lights, animated lights, net lighting, miniature lights, or large bulbs? There are so many choices, so be sure you know what you want the final design to look like.
  • Be safe. Before you begin hanging your lights, make sure you have the proper ladder and equipment handy, and that it all works properly. Also, be sure to check out your outlets to ensure they are free from damage. Lastly, if you are using outdoor light, make sure that the lights you choose are waterproof.
  • Use what you have on hand. Often you can make an outdoor landscape look spectacular for the holidays by using what you already have. Items such as your trees, birdbaths, mailboxes, shrubs, and even porch columns are a great way to add sparkle and dimension to your decorations.

Decorating for Christmas is such a fun family activity. It can also be stressful if the proper steps are not in place. Take the time to ensure your lights are working properly and you have all the right equipment before you dive into your project. Most of all, enjoy the process and have a wonderful Holiday Season!

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