Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Colored Light Bulbs Add Impact to Halloween Décor

With Halloween just around the corner, retailers and specialty stores are putting their yearly spooky decorations on the shelves in order to cash in on the insatiable American taste for horror.  Whether planning a party, running a charitable haunted house, or nursing a deep desire to have the scariest looking home on the block, millions of people every year buy Halloween decorations in an effort to make an impression. 

So how do you make your Halloween decorations stand out above the competition?  Creativity is by far the best asset one can have when planning a Halloween décor scheme. For inspiration there are halloween decoration ideasmany places to look, one not so likely (but good) place is live theater. Set décor in theatre is so important to the industry that it is its own niche skillset.  Set construction and theatre lighting lend themselves to the creation of jobs that only deal with the visual aspects, and is greatly responsible for the overall success of any live theatre production. 

Here, we are going to focus specifically on lighting.  Color light bulbs are a great way to make your “live presentation” really pop.  A zombie, vampire, or witch prop is a lot scarier when it’s highlighted with colors that capture feelings of horror and accentuate the scariest features of the prop.  For example, red and orange colored bulbs may be a great way to create a virtual environment engulfed in flames.  In front of them, place cloth materials in red and orange shades that are cut in a way to resemble flames.  Add a fan to get the “flames” moving.  Finally, add some skulls, bones, amputated limbs, and voila: your own personal hell. 

Blue and purple colored light bulbs can give the impression of a dark, scary place such as a grave yard.  Some props are specifically designed with materials that will be accentuated under black light, thus black light bulbs are also a great way to add flair to such Halloween setups.   

And of course, who could forget the beloved fog machine.  Think of the last time you saw one.  You were most likely at a concert of some sort, or maybe at a party.  Every notice how much cooler the fog looks when it’s accentuated with some sort of light?  Yeah, there’s a reason for that.  Keep in mind, only babies see in black and white.  The more developed human brain is able distinguish around 10 million colors, and even though there probably aren’t 10 million different colored bulbs, there are enough to play to this innate human ability. 

Now that you’re armed with a little knowledge, get out there and decorate.  Just remember to keep it scary! 

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